Siirry sisältöön
Farm animals

We have learned from our experience how important spending time with our animals is to some of our visitors. We try our best to make this a memorable experience, especially for the children visiting us. In addition to our family and guests, Ilomäki farm is home to horses, sheep, rabbits, cats and a dog.


Our horse is called My Emilie, or more familiarly Emppu. She is a 15-year-old warmblood horse, a retired race horse (pacer). We have also a little pony called Eino.


We have three bunnies named Hilla, Apila and Tupuna.


We have tree sheep called Susu-Unikko, Tiku and Taku. These are the Finnish names for Walt Disney´s Chip and Dale. Our sheep have a special skill; they know how to jump agility obstacles!


We also have two cats: Paavo and Nekku. Paavo is our most friendly cat and he usually comes to say hello to all our visitors.


The host has a dog named Siru, Siru is a Belgian Shepherd.