Privacy statement

Description of file and data processing information

1. Controller

Maatilamatkailu Ilomäki

Ilomäentie 52/79

61100 Peräseinäjoki, Finland

+358 (0)40 7023922


2. Controller and/or contact person

Merja Ilomäki

Maatilamatkailu Ilomäki

Ilomäentie 79

61100 Peräseinäjoki, Finland

+358 (0)40 7023922


3. Register title

Maatilamatkailu Ilomäki visitor register and online customer register

4. Purpose of personal data processing/register

The purpose of this register is to store visitor data as required under Section 6 of the Act on Accommodation and Food Services Operations (2006/308) and for the purposes of providing customer services and maintaining customer relations. Direct marketing, where consent provided by the customer.

Additionally, data held in this register is gathered to enable trading via the Maatilamatkailu Ilomäki online store, including the sharing of order and invoice information, payment confirmations and processing information between the merchant and customer.

5. Data held in register

First and last name



Telephone number

Email address

Businesses will also be asked to provide:

Name of business

6. Regular sources of data

Data held in the register is gathered via electronic forms on the Johku online platform. Customers enter their personal data into the service when completing a booking using Johku.

7. Data disclosure and transfer of data to countries outside the European Union

Data will not be disclosed to a third party and they will be held exclusively by the controller. Visitor information will only be disclosed to statutory authorities. Data held in the register will not be transferred to countries outside the European Union.

8. Principles in accordance to which the register has been secured

A. Manual/printed data

If data held in the register is produced in printed form, the printed data will be held inside locked premises and will remain accessible only to the controller and the relevant statutory authorities.

B. Electronically stored data

The register is located on an Aptual Commerce Oy server, located in a secure server location. Access to the complete register is limited to the controller and technical staff at Aptual Commerce Oy. The retailer-customer subscribing to the Johku online service will have access to personal data submitted by customers using the Johku online store insofar as this is necessary for retail purposes.

9. Right of access and exercising right of access

Everyone has the right of access to the data held on them in a personal data file. All data subjects can access their file once a year free of charge. To request access, data subjects should submit a written and signed request to the controller or visit the controller’s premises in person.

10.  Rectification

All data subjects have the right to request the controller to rectify any personal data held in a register. The request to rectify data should be submitted in writing. The request should provide sufficient detail to allow the identification of the data subject.

11. Other rights

Under Section 30 of the Personal Data Act, a data subject has the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing, market research, opinion polls, public registers or genealogical research.  

Requests for access, rectification or to prohibit the processing of personal data should be sent to:

Maatilamatkailu Ilomäki

Ilomäentie 52/79

61100 Peräseinäjoki, Finland

+358 (0)40 574 0286



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